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Oh sure we have all the news and topics that we cover for so many subjects, but its the 21st Century, and we like to escape reality and the way we do it in this generation is none other than video games. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise, there are 60 year olds that play video games, so dont think that you are too old to enjoy this. Well Johny and Jenkins definitely covering this series from different ends. Johny covers the History section with Mafia 3, as well as modern Chaos in GTA Online. Jenkins however covers the Optimistic side of Creativity, playing Minecraft, and the Post Apocalyptic world if you will with Call of Duty Zombies. More games will come over time, but if you like to follow the creativity of building skyscrapers and death tolls of Zombies and Average Citizens in the Worlds of New Bordeaux and Los Santos, then WNC Live Play and Jenkins' Gaming are the shows to watch.
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