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WNC Committee Championship
To those that donate to us, you gotta have some fun. That is where the belt comes into play. When you donate a minimum of 10$ a year, you are automatically entered into the Fantasy Booking Tournament that we hold each year. You are put into the spot of guys like Kevin Sullivan, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, and others who had to book the entire card for the territories. that is what you will do. you will be given the stipulations, and you will book your wrestler and how they win the match while not knowing who the opponent has. Judges will then judge the bookings and vote. whoever wins the most matches wins the round and advances. Whoever wins the Tournament wins the Belt for life.
WNC Fantasy Champions.png
#1 Contender (Runner Up)
Mad Mex Title.png
2019- Mad Mex 
Nation Represented: Mexico

WNC Annual Draft

Every Year Before the WWE Draft/Shakeup, the WNC conducts their own Draft. We act as GM of our brands and will be able to draft from each other, as well as from NXT. We also conduct a Hire and Fire by firing some people and hiring any "free agent that is not under contract with any Major Federation. We are also looking at doing this special with adding a member of the Committee Followers to be able to add to the fun.

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