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"Weekly Grounds" News Podcast

WARNING: Opinions are Republican, Libertarian, & Conservative Based

- "So Much News has become Liberal or Socialist, Under the Guise of "Legitimate without bias" & we know that is garbage. Everyone has an opinion, Weekly Grounds posts Legit News, with a Legit Opinion. Republican, Conservative, & Libertarian based opinions."

- There are 2 portions for each News Article on the show, 1. Report the News as is, meaning dont change it up and spin it to seem different, and 2. THEN GIVE OPINIONS. Dont mix them up as 1 item. Speak out what it is and then give your own opinion. that is what the Grounds is trying to do.

- Keep in Mind! There is nothing wrong with having a Liberal or Progressive View, have your views. Its your freedom in the USA to have such. But don't be mad that we have our views and opinions.

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